Daniel Charest


Daniel works on the front line in high-stakes litigation matters. When large landowners need representation in royalty cases to protect their mineral interests against major operators, they call on Daniel. He represents many interests throughout the Barnett Shale and similar oil & gas plays. And Daniel also represents oil & gas companies in wide-ranging matters. Daniel’s clients, such as Jason Doughty, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Kosmos Energy Ltd., speak to Daniel’s attributes:

I recommend Daniel Charest without reservation for handling high-stakes litigation. Daniel is one of the hardest working, most talented, and easiest to work with trial attorneys I have come across.

Other clients, like David Brooks, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of Ashford Hospitality Trust, Inc., confirm their experience with Daniel:

[Daniel is] the kind of lawyer I need in difficult, time constrained matters. Tenacious, aggressive but practical. [He is] looking out for client’s interests at all times. Decisive and prepared, what else can I say?

Daniel developed his trial-lawyer skills at a nationally-recognized litigation boutique, where he became a partner, tried cases, and ran his clients’ cases. Over the years, he honed his skills into an effective, efficient approach to lawyering that focuses on his client’s needs and achieving their desired outcome. He left that firm to establish Burns Charest LLP. And, now, he attacks his clients’ problems with skills, smarts, and hard work.

Daniel’s body of work reaches beyond any particular practice area. He has handled matters involving antitrust, breach of contract, oil & gas, financial-service company disputes, business torts, such trade secret misappropriation and unfair competition, consumer protection, class actions, fraud, insurance bad faith, and wrongful death. His work has taken place across the United States: federal and state courts from coast to coast with plenty of places in between. Daniel’s docket has involved procedural and jurisdictional challenges such as removal and remand, class certification, transfers, temporary restraining orders, temporary injunctions, and appeals. In all, the body of work is, simply, high-stakes litigation.

Daniel recently tried—and won—an arbitration as first chair in a multi-million dollar dispute involving an executive employment matter. The ICDR Panel granted complete relief in favor of Daniel’s client and rejected all counterclaims against it. In addition, the Panel awarded over a million in fees and expenses to the client as part of the award. At the conclusion of the final hearing, Arbitrator Susan Soussan described the advocacy:

I think the clients ought to know that your lawyers have done a superb job. No matter how this comes down, they have done an excellent job in the presentation of the evidence and in the submission of documents to us, and that’s really important, I think, for clients to understand, and I commend the trial team of both sides.

Other judges have made similar observations. For example, the Honorable Ed Kinkeade, District Judge for U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, congratulated the clients about their choice in legal representation at the conclusion of a trial:

[Plaintiffs], all of y’all had really good representation, which you have to know. These are very good lawyers that did an excellent job regardless of the outcome in this case. And I don’t see that all the time. I get a lot of big firm crummy lawyers from time to time, but these guys really know what they were doing.

And the Honorable H. Ward Fontenot, judge ad hoc for Beauregard Parish, Louisiana, commented on the quality of the work done in a recent trial:

I appreciate the work you gentlemen have put into this case. It’s really been a remarkable lawyering show. I mean, I’ve seen some fine, fine presentations, and I’ve been impressed by them. So I appreciate the professionalism that was exhibited.

In addition to his legal experience, Daniel brings real-world experience developed from working in leadership roles in industry at a young age that involved travel all over the globe and required cooperation with all forms of culture and character. While maintaining his full workload, Daniel has served as a pro bono mediator in a program administered by the Dallas courts, called “Settlement Week.” And, last but not least, he is a proud husband and father.

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