Cedar Shakes and Shingles Litigation

There is evidence that a group of manufacturers of cedar shakes and shingles have allegedly conspired to artificially inflate the prices of their products sold to contractors, construction companies and roofers in the U.S.  It also appears that these same companies have allegedly conspired with the Washington-based Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau, an industry trade association, to muscle out upstart and discount competitors, protecting their virtual monopoly in a market with an annual volume that approaches $400 million.

cedar shakes and shinglesWe are pursuing class-action litigation to protect construction and roofing companies against these predatory practices, and reduce prices for contractors and consumers alike.  We have details of improper pricing discussions among the “competing” manufacturers as well as an economic analysis showing that the price of cedar shakes and shingles has increased substantially in recent years, increases that cannot be explained by normal market forces.

If you own or manage a company that supplies and uses cedar shakes and shingles, we want to hear from you, as your company may have been overcharged.

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