• Righting Wrong

    Our justice system is designed to serve all people — regardless of wealth, race, gender, or circumstance. From leveling the playing field for the underdog to making sure the contractual rights of companies large and small are upheld, we’re here to make that system work for our clients.

  • Client First

    Whether you are a worker who has sustained injuries due to corporate negligence, a consumer wronged by corporate greed, or a business seeking to enforce your contractual rights; we strive for what’s best for you.

  • Trial Lawyers

    Our Bottom Line: We do not take a case unless we are willing to try it in court. We prepare for trial from day one, focusing at every step on how best to convey your story to a judge or jury. We are your Trial Lawyers.

  • Alternative Fees

    No single solution fits every legal need. We focus on contingent-fee arrangements because they align the interests of the client and lawyers by sharing litigation risk. And we also utilize hourly, fixed and blended fee arrangements in the appropriate circumstances. We will work to find the solution that best suits you and your situation.