Why We Win

We are trial lawyers.  We are not litigators.

What is the difference?  From day one, we focus on how we are going to win your case at trial.  We know from experience that success in the courtroom begins with a well-planned and efficient case strategy that focuses on what truly matters.

Our focus is not on the billable hour.  We prefer to work under fee agreements that reward success and efficiency.  By fully aligning our clients’ interests with our own, we are able to focus on success.

We work smartly.  In each case we conduct discovery and motion practice in a way that advances our client’s goals.  We identify key witnesses and documents, and then focus our efforts on how to tell our client’s story through targeted depositions and discovery.

Many firms preach efficiency; we practice it.  Our clients’ interests are not best served by assigning multiple lawyers to perform the same task.  That is not our style.  We adhere to our Texas roots:  One Riot, One Ranger.

The best lawyers are not those who scream loudest.  We do not advance our clients’ cases by engaging in meaningless disputes with our adversaries.  That wastes time and money.  But be assured, we know what’s important and we will not shy away from zealously advancing our clients’ interests.

We engage our clients each step of the way as members of the team.  They help shape strategy.  They participate in every significant decision.

We know how to communicate complex ideas to judges and juries.  We use innovative techniques and technologies to advocate for our clients at trial, employing creative means to impart their story and serve their interests.