Antitrust & Class Action

Corporations and special interest groups have spent millions of dollars in an effort to convince Americans that class actions are bad for business.  Why?  Because they know that class actions are the single most effective means of compensating Americans for corporate wrongdoing.

At Burns Charest, we believe that class actions are often the only way to assure that victims of corporate greed and unlawful conduct are compensated for their damages.  Class actions are an integral part of our system of civil justice.  We firmly believe in this fundamental right and are willing to stake our own financial resources on our clients’ behalf.


Antitrust laws are essential to our nation’s economy.  Without them, businesses would be free to conspire to charge American consumers higher prices.  And monopolists would be able to squeeze competitors out of the market.

Antitrust laws are so important that state and federal governments have empowered American consumers and businesses to bring legal claims to enforce these laws, and in some cases they may obtain three times their damages if successful.  We gladly represent those who have been harmed and are seeking to enforce their rights.

We have deep experience in representing classes and individuals in antitrust suits against some of the world’s largest corporations.  We currently serve as co-lead counsel on behalf of a class of American car purchasers in the Vehicle Carrier Services Antitrust Litigation case that is pending in federal court in New Jersey.  We are also co-lead counsel in the Crude Oil Commodity Futures Litigation, where we brought antitrust and Commodity Exchange Act claims against individual traders and companies on behalf of a nationwide class. Our lawyers have served as co-lead counsel in other national class action cases before forming Burns Charest.  And we have obtained hundreds of millions of dollars for the classes we have represented.

Consumer Class Actions

Federal and state governments have also enacted laws to safeguard Americans’ privacy rights and to protect consumers and businesses from unfair practices.  These laws often provide individuals and businesses a means to bring claims against defendants for unlawful actions.

We have brought claims on behalf of American consumers and businesses in cases throughout the United States.  Our consumer cases have involved federal and state privacy and consumer protection laws, as well as state statutes regulating trade practices.