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“In addition to her terrific lawyering capabilities, LeElle provides time-critical business and strategic counsel that can make all the difference in complex, high stakes matters.   I have the highest regard for LeElle and recommend her without qualification.”

          – Lauren Leahy, General Counsel for Pizza Hut

Ms. Slifer has litigated in federal and state courts across the country, before both judges and juries, and participated in numerous arbitrations, including before the International Chamber of Commerce in London.  One of her trials – DDR Holdings v. Hotels.com, where her team won a jury verdict of patent infringement in the Eastern District of Texas – was the first case to survive a § 101 challenge at the Federal Circuit after the Supreme Court issued Alice Corpv. CLS Bank Int’l, and was the only case to do so for almost two years.

She has experience in a wide range of matters, including contract disputes, oil and gas royalty underpayments, breach of fiduciary duty, antitrust claims, patent and copyright infringement, theft of trade secrets, and even the seizure of multi-million dollar cargo barges.  She has also handled appeals to several federal and state courts of appeal, including the United States Supreme Court in Comcast Corp. v. Behrend.

“I have had the privilege to work with some of the brightest and most highly-regarded lawyers in the country.  LeElle is in that class.  She is a brilliant strategist, master negotiator, and has the wisdom and discipline to know how and when to use honey or vinegar, both of which she does very effectively.  LeElle is dogged in her pursuit of the issues and is as comfortable on Wall Street as she is in a small rural courthouse—a rare skill set indeed.  I would not hesitate to recommend LeElle to anyone who needs strong, creative and efficient counsel for important litigation or other dispute resolution matters.”

          – Andy Fletcher, General Counsel for Stonebriar Commercial Finance

Most importantly, Ms. Slifer understands that getting the best result for her clients means more than just the legal outcome, it means keeping the client’s business goals in mind every step of the way.  As her clients can attest, she approaches each lawsuit strategically:

“LeElle managed our case up through arbitration – and what a difference she made!  Her intelligence, tenacity, and meticulous preparation helped us achieve a very favorable settlement.  She is one of the finest lawyers I’ve worked with.”

          – Tim Opler, Founder and Managing Partner of Torreya Partners

Ms. Slifer is a native Texan who graduated from Duke University and Harvard Law School, then clerked in Houston on the Fifth Circuit.  She started her practice at Susman Godfrey, first in Dallas and then in New York City, where she lived for several years.  Although she moved back to Dallas after joining Burns Charest, she retains an active bar membership in both states and still practices in New York frequently.  She is married to David Slifer, an advertising brand manager at The Richards Group.

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