Warren T. Burns


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Mobile: 214.930.6645

Email: wburns@burnscharest.com

Selecting a lawyer for your case is a very important decision.  You want a lawyer who understands your concerns and will fight to achieve your goals.  You want a lawyer who believes in our system and knows how to succeed in it.  And most importantly you want a lawyer who is going to give you candid and meaningful advice.  I am that lawyer.

I focus my practice on high-stakes, multidistrict antitrust litigation, along with other complex class action and commercial cases.  I have handled numerous cases involving price fixing, monopolization, breach of contract, intellectual property, business torts, consumer protection statutes, and accounting malpractice.

I achieve results. In 2012, I helped lead a trial team that took the first mortgage-backed-securities related case to trial.  In a landmark and game-changing trial, we secured a $106 million judgment on behalf of our client and obtained key pre-trial determinations that had a domino effect in related cases.

I want to know more about your case and to see if there is a way I can help you.  I look forward to talking with you.