Big Oil is big business, and the business of Big Oil often leads to high-stakes litigation. People and companies from across the nation and around the world put a lot at risk in these deals. When things go wrong in this sector, they tend to go very wrong. That’s where we come in.

Our combination of trial savvy, industry experience and technical know-how puts us in an excellent position to help you. We bring effective and efficient representation to understand the issues and technology and explain them to judges and juries for your benefit. We are oil and gas trial lawyers.

It’s complicated, but not too complex. The oil and gas industry brings its own technology, accounting procedures and lexicon. The lawyers at Burns Charest have deciphered and explained any number of these issues. Some examples include the costs and prices in revenue accounting for royalty calculations; the cause—at a molecular level—of production impairments in a deepwater, foreign, offshore drilling program; every aspect of seismic data collection—from shot to processor; and the prospectivity of wells in an undeveloped field. Each case brings another aspect of oil and gas technology. And our lawyers have mastered each one.

Big or small, we can help. The Burns Charest team has represented an array of clients from industry leaders to individual landowners. From individual landowners against industry-leading operators to a publically-traded, multi-billion dollar E&P company against a class of investors, to one mid-major against other mid-major. Whether you are a landowner, royalty owner, working interest owner, an operator, a non-operator, a service company, or any other of the many interests in the oil field, we have the ability to focus on your issues and apply our experience.

Litigation has followed oil and gas development across the United States and beyond. With locations in Texas, Louisiana and Colorado, our firm sits in the epicenter of the oil and gas litigation world. Our lawyers have handled oil and gas cases in their home states and beyond. The Burns Charest team has been involved in new shale plays — such as the Barnett, the Eagle Ford, the Bakken, the Haynesville, the Marcellus and the Utica as well as traditional plays that include the Anadarko Basin and Central Louisiana, and locations in Ghana, Mauritania and Western Sahara.

The scope of disputes our attorneys have handled include:

  • Surface damage and other property damage
  • JOAs
  • COPAS accounting
  • Investor fraud
  • Environmental claims, such as water table contamination, drainage issues, pollution and hydraulic fracturing
  • Lease claims
  • Lease trespass claims
  • Mineral rights and royalties
  • IPO securities claims
  • Service provider billing fraud
  • Seismic data secrecy
  • Development agreement breaches
  • Unitization disputes