When property is damaged from environmental pollution, you need an attorney to hold the responsible industry or organization accountable. Whether the contamination is a result of historical or reckless oil and gas exploration and operations, unsafe storage of hazardous materials or an environmental catastrophe, Burns Charest has the experience and knowledge to seek justifiable damages for the injuries caused.

Successful litigation of these cases requires specialized knowledge of environmental and natural resource regulations, scientific principles, and the applicable tort, contract, and property laws. Burns Charest succeeds in these cases because our attorneys are environmental practitioners as well as litigators.

The attorneys of Burns Charest have helped numerous landowners navigate complex claims of environmental pollution of water, soil, air, and wetlands and have brought the cases to a successful resolution.  Burns Charest tailors its environmental caseload to assure that we devote the necessary attention that each case demands and work closely with our clients to achieve their goals.

Currently, Burns Charest represents landowners whose properties have been damaged from oil and gas operations and other hazardous waste left behind by neighboring property owners or previous landowners or lessees.  We pursue damages and cleanups under a wide range of legal theories to secure accountability from the responsible parties.