Mass Tort

When companies fail to provide a safe working environment for their employees, or sell unsafe products to consumers, the injured need a voice to fight for them. Burns Charest is that voice.

Our attorneys are skilled and experienced in coordinating and prosecuting such claims on a mass scale. Burns Charest lawyers have successfully represented clients against pharmaceutical companies and asbestos manufacturers. Currently we are representing hundreds of clients exposed to asbestos in one of the largest oil refineries in the Western Hemisphere.

Big business may have big resources, but so do we. More importantly, we also have the know-how and experience to bring those resources to bear where and when it counts:  in the courtroom.

Burns Charest also knows how to effectively manage and coordinate mass tort cases and, just as importantly, efficiently move these cases forward to a resolution. Because we work on a contingency fee basis, our interests are aligned with our clients to move cases along as quickly as possible. Instead of getting bogged down in needless and pointless delay-causing skirmishes, we focus on resolving these cases as expeditiously as possible for the benefit of our clients. We know that delays don’t hurt the large companies, they hurt the injured waiting for their day in court.

We are here to give each person a voice in the courtroom and to level the playing field between the injured and Big Business.

The Talcum Powder MDL Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee’s Post-Daubert Hearing Summation Brief