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Burns Charest Represents Aubrey McClendon Business Partner in Estate Action

The death of Aubrey K. McClendon resulted in a significant amount of assets and debt for the estate of the energy pioneer, and left many business dealings incomplete.

Daniel Charest, co-managing partner of Burns Charest, has filed claims against the McClendon estate on behalf of Ryan Turner, an executive for American Energy Management Services, which was formed by Mr. McClendon in 2013. According to the filing, Mr. McClendon agreed to share profits with and provide other benefits to Mr. Turner and other key executives within the American Energy structure.

“As chief investment officer, Ryan Turner played an essential role in building the value within the American Energy structure,” said Mr. Charest. “Mr. Turner’s claims seek the benefit he earned from his hard work.”

The probate action, styled In the Matter of the Estate of Aubrey K. McClendon, No. PB-2016-342, in the District Court of Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, is pending before Judge Richard Kirby. To date, the Court has approved some asset sales and scheduled evidentiary hearings related to distributions from the McClendon estate.