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Firm Pushing Through Cases for Victims of Hurricane Harvey Flooding

Victims of the downstream flooding from Addicks and Barker reservoirs continue to feel the effects of Hurricane Harvey, and the firm is continuing to work with those property owners to gain relief from the federal government.

“I can tell you that having been in close contact with a lot of our current clients, the impact of the storm continues to be felt day to day,” the firm’s Dan Charestsaid in a recent interview with The Houston Press. “Some people had savings, but some people didn’t have savings. I’ve got clients living in RVs on somebody’s lot; they have nothing left,” says Charest. “Every time I speak to the court, we urge speed and resolution that will benefit the people. It doesn’t seem like it’s going fast but it’s really going fast.”

One year after the controlled release, homeowners and businesses are joined in litigation under the takings clause of the Fifth Amendment, which states that private property shall not be taken for public use without just compensation. To read the entire article, visit Houston Press.